Thanks, Tom!

Love the website for our "new" neighborhood. Meeting all the new folks at the party was fun. We oldtimers are glad to have so many new, young families on Lake Fairfield! We've always liked the mix of age groups here, and we're looking forward to lots of get-togethers.

As some people have heard, there is a new community watch program in Lake Forest/Lake Forest Heights. Unfortunately, the flyers that were distributed on our street by the organizers were "confiscated" by our mail carrier. Sometimes they are pretty zealous about the rules concerning flyers, etc. placed on or inside mailboxes. Anyway, we should try to get involved in the watch program. It's basically a simple way to communicate (mostly by e-mail) concerns that folks have if they notice anything suspicious. Also a good way to get to know others in the area and strengthen the sense of community. I'll try to spread the word about this
group to people on our street.

Hope to see everyone again soon!

Perrin Kreidler (224 LF)