Geocaching in the Neighborhood

Many of you may not be aware, but there are treasures hidden all around, if only you know where to look. The sport of Geocaching is a treasure hunt game played with a GPS unit and a computer. First, someone will hide a container, called a "geocache" in a public location. They will then upload the latitude and longitude coordinators to the website, along with a description of the cache. Other players will then download these coordinates and try to find the caches.

Geocaches are hidden all over the world. In the Greenville area alone there are hundreds of them. Caches contain a log book where the finders can record their visit. Geocachers can also record their finds on the Geocaching website itself. Some of the caches are large containers, and have prizes that can be swapped. Other caches are "micro" caches - small containers that only have a log to be signed.

Geocaches are never buried, and emphasis is placed on respecting the environment around the cache locations. One of Geocaching's mottoes is "Cache in, Trash out", where geocachers carry trash bags to help clean up the areas around geocaches.

There are two geocaches in our neighborhood, located at opposite ends of Lake Fairfield Drive. One is called the Loch Fairfield Monster, and the other is called John Knox Oak Knots. There are also several others almost within walking distance.

This is a great activity for families, and to teach geography skills to kids. All you need is a GPS and Internet access.